No matter how qualified you are for a new job position, going in for an interview will always be a bit daunting. Worrying about saying the wrong thing or even wearing the wrong tie can distract you from coming off as a confident and potential employee. It’s important to prepare for interviews to show just how qualified you are. To nail your next interview, follow these tips:

Connect WIth the Interviewer

Although your resume is what got you the interview, finding a connection with the interviewer is what will get you the job. It’s important to know the interviews name prior to the interview. Call ahead of time to confirm their name and write it down to be sure to not forget it. This will help to develop a connection with them early on. During the interview, build a rapport with them and show that you will make a great fit in their workplace culture. Simply put, companies hire people that they like.

Research the Company

In order to stand out from other potential candidates, it’s important to do extensive research on the company prior to the interview. Show the interviewer that you have extensive knowledge of the company and why you’d be an excellent fit. Nearly every interviewer will ask, “What do you know about the company?” It’s important to have an answer ready for the interviewer. Even if the question isn’t asked, be sure to demonstrate your knowledge of the company. Before going to the interview be sure to know the company’s history, its mission statement, staff, values, and work culture.

Arrive Early

To be on time to an interview, you have to come early. Arriving five to ten minutes early makes a good impression and give you a chance to calm any nerves. To ensure you will arrive on time, factor in traffic conditions, whether you might need to use the restroom, and if you might get lost finding to interview location. It’s also important to prepare everything ahead of time. The night before, be sure to choose the outfit you are going to wear, print of copies of your resumes, and a pen and paper for note-taking.

Practice the Interview

Although you might not know the exact questions they will be asking you, you can still be prepared and practice. Look up common interview questions and formulate your answers. If your answers are prepared ahead of time, they will come across much stronger. Make sure to emphasize your skills and experience, but also keep your answers specific and concise. It’s also important to prepare your own questions for the interviewer. In order to approach the interview with confidence and ease, it’s important to prepare and practice.