It seems that the digital era has brought with it a plethora of distractions, right at our fingertips. Apps such as Instagram and Twitter can make it easy to lose focus, which means your productivity can take a hit. Furthermore, many businesses are now offering more flexible hours with many people working positions that can be done outside of an office. The technology that is being created and made available today can be incredible in boosting work productivity,  providing solutions to problems such as time management, and bringing people together to get a job done.


These tech tools are helping to enhance communication and efficiency


Skype and Slack

Skype and Slack are both group messaging apps. Their popularity is in part because people want an alternative to email. It can be frustrating to navigate a long string of emails when discussing projects within your team. Slack users can instead set up channels or group chats to transfer information with ease. Both the services can work across all devices and users can customize their notifications so that they only receive alerts if it is relevant to them.



Loyal to its name this tool helps you to stay on track. The digital tool prompts you to choose the websites or apps that are the most distracting and then blocks them from specific devices for whatever periods of time you decide. It can actually come as a relief to remove common distractions and be able to fully focus on your work. If you find that social media has a way of sneaking into your routine during the first few hours at the office try using StayFocused to block those sites from 9 am to noon.


Dropbox and Google Drive

These tech tools help users to easily store files in accessible and secure locations. Google drive is great because files can be synced across devices and updated and viewed by anyone that’s on the team, from anywhere. That means that employees who work remotely can create, save, and share spreadsheets, presentations, and any other kind of reporting. Dropbox is very similar and allows the same syncing, sharing, and collaboration. It also makes sharing large files such as powerpoint or sketch very easy. 



The app Wunderlist is fantastic for task management. There’s an option to sync everything on all of your devices and you can sort lists into different folders, share them with the necessary people and set reminders and deadlines.