Having career weaknesses are a common feat for most people, especially those who are new in their field. Learning through trial and error usually allows an individual to develop their skills. However, some may not be sure how to turn their career weaknesses into strengths that can further their career progress. Everyone has one or two things they believe they could benefit from making improvements on. Establishing strengths in one’s career and skill set not only makes one better at their job, but it widens their career opportunities because it gives them more experience.


Common Career Weaknesses

  • Too much focus on details
  • Lack of confidence
  • Trouble saying “no”
  • Experience difficulty asking for help
  • Lack of computer skills
  • Managing project deadlines
  • Public speaking


Tips to Turn Your Career Weaknesses into Strengths:

Rehearse Speeches Privately

Public speaking is a common fear among the general population. However, this can be considered a weakness if this interpersonal skill is not developed. Often times, a company may require their faculty and staff to do public presentations or speak to large groups on behalf of their business. To lessen social anxiety and improve one’s public speaking, an individual can benefit from practicing privately. Rehearsing a speech or presentation minimizes any potential mishaps or miscommunications. It also help in calming one’s nerves.


Take Specialized Classes

A person can seek outside help by taking specialized classes to develop the necessary skills pertaining to their job. If a person’s weakness happens to be a hard skill such as advanced mathematics or language, then they should take extra classes to build those skills. For example, if one’s career requires that they learn how to use Microsoft programs, then they can achieve this by taking a class and learning how to be more tech savvy.


Get Advice

Some people don’t realize how much a weakness is affecting their career. Perhaps they underestimate their career’s demands or they overestimate their capabilities on the job. To perfect one’s skills, they should seek the help of a mentor or adviser. They should also be able to receive help from those offering help.


Identify Your Weaknesses

Among anything else, pinpointing one’s weaknesses is the part to changing them into strengths. In order to pinpoint weaknesses, an individual must be completely honest with themselves and figure out what their weaknesses are. One can do this by making a list of about 5 things they wish to improve or perfect when it comes to their career.