There are many ways to get a competitive edge as a professional in today’s workforce. If you haven’t been brushing up on your grammar skills, then writing is the best way to improve your work skills and competency. Persuasion, clarity, and communication skills are assets that all employers look for. You also have your career ambitions to put into perspective. Getting more from your proposals or requests is possible with better verbal skills.

Preparing for your public presentations will allow you to control your setting with greater ease. To do so, you need a proven way of organizing your ideas and contributions. Being more concise and getting your point across is why your writing should be improved.

Spend More Time on Your Structure

Good writing comes from the foundation you lay. People will only follow your ideas when you have a single thought being presented. Leave out any distracting details. Now, you might be distracted by your own ideas as you write, so be sure to create an outline before writing anything. Improve each section piece by piece. You’ll have to start with titles, subheadings and bulleted lists when organizing a proper structure. Go over each as if they were paragraphs and then perfect them in detail.

Only with a fail-proof outline should you then begin writing.

Use Modern Grammar Tools

Technology has done a great deal in setting new standards for the quality of today’s writing. This emerging technology can read your prose and then highlight your errors in little to no time. Simple things like “auto-correct” have also improved throughout the years. Now, imagine the same science but when that technology is created solely for the purpose of improving your future work. The result is a few programs that you shouldn’t overlook if you want to become a better writer. Those who you work within the business world won’t be equipped with these:

  • Grammarly: This application is a spell checker that provides corrections for your grammar and sentence structures.
  • The Hemingway App: The Hemingway App aims to make your voice and presentation more concise. Just as the writer Hemingway would have done, this program highlights the complexity of your writing in order to simplify it for others to read.
  • Purdue University: Here’s an “endless” source of material that covers the entire writing process. With this website, you’ll have an entire overview of the English language and the best ways to wield it.