As a dedicated and driven employee, you often want to add value to the organization for which you work. By performing the following steps, you can set yourself apart from others and pursue the path to success. Stop waiting around for others to tell you what to do. Instead, build your knowledge of the company, budget your time wisely, and start forming quality relationships with your colleagues. 

Don’t Wait Around for Direction

Employers value people who take initiative. You shouldn’t spend time waiting around for someone to tell you what to do. Take things into your own hands and figure out how you can add value to the company. If you have extra time, start working ahead. Move on to the next step. 

Don’t consider your job description as your complete role. Instead, think of it as the bare minimum. As an employee who adds value, you should be moving beyond the bare minimum. 

Set Appropriate Limits

Even as you take on more work or look for new ways to add value, don’t overwhelm yourself. Part of being a good worker is knowing when to say no. You can’t take on every task people ask of you. Don’t be a pushover who ends up overworking themselves. Setting healthy limits is important and will help keep you from getting burnt out. 

On the same note, when you take a vacation, leave your work behind. Don’t check your voicemail or email. Set an automatic responder instead. 

Understand the Company

Many people work for an organization but fail to understand its basic operation. Set yourself apart by learning the organization chart and reporting structure. Do you know about the company’s financials? See if you can cross-train with other departments. This will help you learn new skills, as well as give you an understanding of how things work across the company. Even if things don’t seem particularly relevant, you never know when what you’re learning will come in handy. 

Build Positive Relationships 

Strive to create strong, genuine relationships with your colleagues. Learn about their roles and how they impact the company. Remember to listen more than you speak. Your coworkers are a wealth of knowledge and a valuable resource. Don’t look at people only as a networking opportunity. Instead, value their input and try to help them as often as possible. Relationships are a two-way street.