In today’s competitive business climate, it can be difficult for employers to know how to navigate legal frameworks and best practices to create an advantage for their business. These are the best free business education resources to help business owners learn to navigate challenges and build a successful business.

A great place to get started learning about setting up a business is the government’s website, Gov.UK. They house information on taxes, incorporation, self-employment, liability, licenses, importation, and UK and EU regulations. With a vast amount of resources on running a business, this website helps business owners understand the legal framework around how to conduct their business and everything they need to navigate the British business system through short articles and extended guides.

National Federation of Self Employed and Small Businesses (FSB)

The FSB creates resources that help employers grow their businesses and navigate changing work environments. By concentrating on new developments and current events, FSB goes beyond typical advice and helps business owners adequately confront challenges in the workforce and manage productivity. With a series of guides, educational resources explore a range of topics, such as financial planning, mental health and productivity, and templates for legal matters.

Growth Hub

Growth Hub features free online resources geared toward business growth with limited resources on starting up a business. The focus of the in-person resources is for businesses located in south west UK, but online resources cater toward topics that benefit businesses throughout the country. In addition to topics on the basics of running a business, this resource includes education on skill development, human resources, rural businesses, and funding opportunities.

Start up Donut

Start up Donut provides a mass amount of resources on start-up businesses and successfully running a new venture. Prospective business owners can find educational resources on different types of businesses, how to start a business, finding property, writing a business plan. New business owners and small business owners can find advice for propelling their success with information on customer satisfaction management, marketing research, building an online presence, and reaching customers.

Whether starting out in a new business venture or looking to maximise productivity through business growth, these free educational resources for businesses can help provide guidance and direction for a successful business.