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Fred Sines


About Fred

Based in the Surrey area of England, Maurice Fred Sines, aka Fred, is truly a self-made man. He established himself in the business industry so quickly and successfully you would have missed it if you blinked. Mr. Sines specialises in luxury mobile home parks for the over-50 population and oversees parks from Norfolk to Somerset. Fred is the Company Director of Sines Park Homes where he continues and contributes significantly to the family real estate legacy.

Most successful business professionals today hold degrees in various subjects from one or several universities. Fred Sines broke the mold and despite having dropped out of school at the age of 12, he possesses an unparalleled business savvy that has taken him to the top of his industry and shown he has the knowledge as well as the skills to become one of the top luxury mobile home park companies in the country. After leaving school at a young age, Fred had various jobs ranging from window cleaner, milk man, paper boy and then manager in his father’s nursery. Fred worked his way from the bottom of the pecking order and transformed himself through sheer dedication, practice, observation, and research into the man he is today.

Fred’s father had a similar story to Fred where he left school at a young age and became a successful businessman. Growing up, Fred learned the ins and outs of business through his work and by watching and learning from his father. Fred is living proof that in order to be successful, knowledge and skill can outrank a degree. Mr. Sines bought his first mobile home park in 1997 and has been unstoppable, not to mention innovative, ever since. Over the years, Fred has added to his housing portfolio and opened properties all over the country with the singular goal of creating a safe and inclusive atmosphere in his parks.

Each of Fred’s properties offer something unique to its residents whether it be seaside views, forests to explore or picturesque countryside. Each home is crafted with high-quality materials and offer many customisable options. Fred’s innovations don’t stop there. Not only are his parks one of a handful to be pet-friendly in the entire country but the homes are nothing short of astounding with private driveways, scenic areas for all to enjoy, hiking trails and around-the-clock security.

When Maurice Fred Sines isn’t creating new luxury parks, he can often be found on a golf course either in the UK or abroad. He loves to relax and unwind with a game or two and genuinely enjoys embracing his competitive side, when his friends join in for a few challenging rounds. Mr. Sines is a member of the Wentworth Club and frequently travels to the Marbella Golf Club for a change of scenery and to play on their nearby competitive courses. Fred also has exquisite taste in cars. His Rolls Royce collection would leave any enthusiast astounded.

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